Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Looking Forward to This Harried Week

I can tell right now that this will be a bad week. There are too many appointments.

The only good news is I think my PC's virus, malware and spyware situation is fixed. Hooray for that. It took twelve days of suffering and work.

I find that one appointment a day is easy, two is sometimes too much. Three or four appointments a day is a disaster for us and creates disharmony and sometimes mayhem.

Ideally two weekdays a week have zero appointments to allow open days for breathing and doing homeschooling and normal family things.

We have a combination of routine dental appointments made six months ago, with two urgent medical/dental appointments the doctors insisted we have at this time.

One day we have to rise at five in the morning which will be a disaster as one result of my kids being sick is they were sleeping 11-13 hours a day and when they got better they were still sleeping late in the morning but then had enough energy to stay up later at night. I am having trouble getting them to sleep at night at a decent hour then they are too tired to rise at a normal time in the morning. So all this week I will be forcing them to wake up which is not my typical style.

Due to the PC problems that prevented me from having blog drafts ready to publish ahead of time and me rushing around all week my blogging may be sporadic.

Have pity on me for running around like a chicken with my head cut off this week.

I'm going off line to get to the four dental and orthodontist appointments we have today...


klhamlet said...

Thank you for your Scout badge tip post, I found it through Google.

I'm beginning to sew on patches for son moving from Webelos to Scouts and wonder what to do wth old patches. Will there be a need for these in the future?

My son has already dismised the red vest for his "extras" but he would probably like the red blanket . What a great idea! Thank you.

christinemm said...

Hi Klhamlet,
I would save those badges for his collection. If he makes Eagle Scout you can put them on display at his Eagle Court of Honor. Others incorporate them into a scrapbook just about their son's Scouting experience.