Monday, March 30, 2009

Last Sportless Season

I think this is our family's last sportless season.

Both kids really wanted to do fencing this last fall but our schedule was over-full (in my opinion). The Saturday fencing class also would clash with at least one set of plans per month, if not two. Why should I pay for 4 classes a month if they only attend 2 or 3? Is that not wasteful?

My older son is begging to do crew also.

Both kids love swimming. I'd love a team that is non-competitive (only so we don't have to spend all day every Sunday at meets). Four or five weeknights of practice is 'bad enough' but all day Sunday too?

This spring we have enough to do and are enjoying our free time. But the sad fact is my kids are living a sedentary lifestyle. Even on these early spring days when it is nice out it is hard to get them outside. They complain when walking the shortest distances. My older son refused to get on his bike the day it was sunny and over 60 degrees. It is downright ridiculous.

Now that my younger son is older I think he would like team based sports. If I could find a program with decent coaches, not rude, too-tired volunteer fathers who not only lack leadership skills but are poor role models regarding sportsmanship, I'd put him on that team.

I wanted healthy kids who were fit and not overweight. I never imagined I'd be a parent of couch potatoes whose main sport is video games. I'm getting worried that's what they are turning out to be.

I tried talking them into training with me to run a 3K this summer and they refuse.

I have the itch to exercise and ride bikes with my kids and walk together or jog together yet they refuse to get off their butts.


I think some changes are in order around here.

All I wanted was a more balanced approach to sports, meaning, that participation in sports didn't take over our lives and dictate all the spare time of the adults in the family. The sport of one kid needs to jive with the sport of the other kid too.


Summer Fae said...

What about a summer league? I am looking into a summer swim league for my kids. It will be 3 days a week and that includes the meets on Friday nights.

I would check your local recreation center or your county's rec department. They might have some interesting summer programs.

christinemm said...

SummerFae, Thanks for the idea.

Sadly my town's park and rec program stinks. There are fantastic opportunities in neighboring towns but not here. And non-residents can't do things in other towns.

My older son is not a team oriented sports kid, he is more into independent things.

We also have a clash, older son can't do the great 3 week Yale Crew summer program as it overlaps with the one week Boy Scout summer camp program. I don't feel like we do a lot compared to my neighbors and other kids in this town but we keep running up against scheduling conflicts like that.