Friday, March 27, 2009

Kids Smoking Smarties Candy

This article tells of children 'smoking' Smarties candy and of health risks to this activity.

I'm having conflicting thoughts on this.

1. Is it harmless fun?
2. Is this a stupid activity?
3. Do parents know how their young kids are using YouTube?
4. Do kids today need more meaningful work in their lives?
5. If I think anything negative about this pursuit am I over-reacting?

Found via: BlogHer


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Gosh, when I was a kid, we had candy cigarettes, and we all survived our foolishness. Somehow, I just can't get upset about this. It reminds me of the politically correct nursery school teacher who banned toy guns and other weapons. The little boys then made guns out of blocks, paper, and other imaginative substances.

Kids will imitate adults.

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

It reminded me of the candy cigarettes I used to "smoke" too. But this thing is looking a little more like a joint than a cigarette. Also, it can't be good to be blowing that stuff out one's nose.

My 12yo is still honest enough to ask if he can watch new things he finds, and I check my browser history after he uses my computer to be sure he hasn't seen anything I find inappropriate, but I do worry. Especially because YouTube's viewing preferences don't mean anything since they don't keep me signed in.

Mrs. C said...

I can't imagine that aspirating any food product is good for your lungs. I have asked my older ps children about this and they have never heard about it, though.

Stuff like this, though, will lead to everybody getting his Smarties taken away. And we have a whole drawerfull of 'em.