Monday, March 23, 2009

How Many Things Are Wrong With This Situation?

Using your value system how many things are wrong with this situation?

When my kids are a bit older I plan to discuss things like this as part of their sex education. We have already discussed that nude photos are wrong to allow to be taken of a child but this topic is a bit too much for my kids now (they are 8 and 11). My kids also don't have cell phones (let alone ones with cameras) so I don't need to talk about it for cell phone rules.

Video of local news story: Classmates Watch Secretly-Made Video of Indiana 15-Year-Old Having Sex in Trailer

Per the news story a 15 year old Indiana girl attended a party in a trailer. She reported to having consentual sex with a 14 year old by in a room of the trailer. The story states that unbeknownst to her, two teen boys video recorded the session through a hole in the wall with their cell phone. The video then was sent by text message (sexting is the term for still photos sent by text message on cell phones). So in this case I guess it is "sexting goes porn".

The father reports the girl is being quiet.

I hope she gets any help she needs so she doesn't wind up clinically depressed and committing suicide like an 18 year old did after still photos were sent via 'sexting' by her ex-boyfriend. (That story was featured on Dr. Phil last month.)

These cases are often being treated as child porn and sometimes arrests are made. I saw a news show recently where some adults are asking for new definitions of legal terms so that child porn charges CANNOT be made on minors or any person who circulates nude photos or videos of nude people via cell phone text messages.

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Whoa! It is sexting meets porn, indeed.

What is wrong by my values:
1) a 14 year old boy having sex.
2) a 15 year old girl having sex.
3) the other boys filming it
4) the other boys distributing it via text message

What has become of the children? Yes, there were some kids in my high school class that had sex, and a few girls did become pregnant. (In those days in that place, all of them became very young mothers. One gave her baby up for adoption. Another gave her baby to her own mother to raise). But the casual nature of the sex these kids today seem to be having is very worrisome. The beauty and value of the relationship is missing, and these kids appear to be jaded in ways that even my crazy generation were not.

I have already had the sexting talk with the Boychick. We have discussed porn and talked about the holiness inherent in sex between adults who are married. We have discussed the powerful nature of sex and why all cultures have rules about it. We have discussed the difference between men and women, what women want (it's a mystery to the poor boy), and the responsibilities that come with marriage and family. Now, I am going to have to add phone porn.

What will the kids think of next?