Saturday, March 28, 2009

How I'm Using Twitter

After trying out Twitter for a few weeks I have seen it used in different ways by different people and organizations. It is being referred to as 'microblogging' and I get that label.

A few observations:

1. It is very fast and easy for me to post an update. My point is it is not time wasting to post an update at all.

2. I don't know who cares about reading what level of detail about me but I've decided how I will use it.

3. I like it for posting links to articles I found interesting or enlightening which I don't have time to do a whole blog post on, or that I don't feel like writing at length about. Such as if I find an interesting article about homeschooling or a health issue I may 'tweet it'.

4. I put my Twitter updates in my sidebar, limiting it the last two tweets I sent. In this way you might learn a little more detail about my life or my interests while reading my blog. For example perhaps I blogged on homeschooling or parenting topics but you may see my Twitter update saying I'm busy gardening. You'll have a little more insight into my personal life by reading my Twitter updates (tweets).

5. To what extent I spend time clicking on tweets from my favorite magazines and newspapers could take up my time. Lately if I have a few minutes to kill I will glance at my Twitter home page to see who is saying what. If I find a news article of interest I go read it. I then may wind up clicking over to some other article.

6. If you already frequent Digg or Technorati or delicious or others like that then Twitter might be too much duplication.

7. I still need to figure out how to tag my tweets or how to search for posts on certain topics.

8. Because people (like me) are using aliases it is sometimes hard to find people that I may want to follow but don't know their Twitter user name.

The bottom line is that so far I post to Twitter when I have a little extra time, it doesn't suck up a lot of my time but web surfing based on reading tweets might take up my time if I let it.

If you want to follow me on Twitter my Twitter name is "christinemmttm".

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Dana said...

TweetDeck is a cool application that lets you sort tweets into groups. It also has a nice search function. You can tag tweets by putting a # before the tag, but it is used differently there than how you would tag a blog and some get annoyed by it.

Anyway, welcome to Twitter. I've tried a few different social type sites and it is the only one I have really enjoyed.