Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For Possible Use as a Homeschool Text About Politics

Last night my husband said that Mark Levin was publishing a new book on politics. We both like his radio show.

We checked Amazon last night and the publication date is actually today. But as of last night the book, sold as pre-order, was already #1 on Amazon's sales rank for the nonfiction genre! Today it is still listed as #1 in Amazon's sales.

My husband said we need to buy it, so we did. If the book is what he thinks it is, he wants us to use this to teach our children about politics!

The book is: Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin.

Okay so if you are a regular reader of my blog now you would know our politics. This is a book about conservatism, specifically.

I'm a person who believes in tolerance and acceptance of others despite differences in various things. I believe people can be friends and acquaintances and that stimulating conversation and dialogue can take place with respect even when opinions differ. I believe people can agree to disagree on most topics and still remain friendly to each other. I also agree that in some social situations certain topics are best avoided lest the others not be in that same mindset as me. It would not be wise, for example, to discuss politics or some other hot button topics with one's boss or co-workers if they will hold it against you if you don't agree with them 100%.

I don't believe in pigeon-holing people. Some love to categorize people. If that were true then some of the interests I have and causes I believe in would flag me as a liberal. Here are some common categorizations:

I knit, therefore I must be liberal.

I started composting in the mid-1990s when it was uncool therefore I must be liberal.

I breastfed my children with child-led weaning, into their second year, so I must be liberal.

I live in liberal leaning Connecticut so I must be liberal.

I am an artistic person therefore I must be liberal.

I don't want humans to wreck the Earth so I must be liberal.

I buy organic food so I must be liberal.

I love to garden so I must be liberal.

I came from a lower middle income, blue-collar worker family therefore I must be liberal.

I was raised in a non-religious home so I must be liberal.

I homeschool therefore I am conservative.

I homeschool therefore I am liberal. (Odd how the same thing can go either way rather than a person thinking, homeschooling indicates nothing to me about the parent's political pursuasion. I'll also note that often times in homeschooling families I know, the husband and wife will have different political leanings, so go figure.)

Yada, yada, yada.

The truth is I'm an independent thinker and a non-conformist who has many opinions based on my various life experiences. My views on certain things have changed over time, as I learned more, as I grew up, matured, birthed my babies, as I paid more taxes, as I saw certain government programs in action (or in non-action), and also with my experience as an elected official in town government.

I am constantly learning and growing and I reserve the right to change my mind as time goes on, but the most important thing is I have always had an opinion and a reason for holding it. I have an open mind about thinking about things and I'm a cynical realist that is the lens I view the world through.

I don't nix people out of my life just because our views differ on differnt topics, because we vote for different politicians or for any other characteristic they have (their religion, their ethnicity, their income level, the town they live in, where their kids are schooled et cetera).

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1 comment:

Miriam's Art Journal BLOG said...

well said......It's interesting how people always feel the need to label.....I get that a lot too.....

"you would have loved the 60s.....just b/c I nurse my daugher and she's 1 and a half"


"I hate buying stuff, I must not have a lot of money"


"I am artist so I must be eccentric and tardy"

anyway, found this great article on Gaza by Mark Levine on English AlJazeera.....

have a great day...