Friday, March 20, 2009

Ending the Week on a High Note

This week started off very much not good but is ending on a high note.

The Bad

My kids have been really sick and the beginning of the week they were still on antibiotics and spending time resting in bed. I have been fighting back negative thoughts that "now my kids are behind in homeschooling lessons due to having been sick for the last month".

I have been pretty much offline all week due to a computer virus issue with my PC. After about seven hours getting help from various employees of Symantec we now know the issue is our Symantec software is malfunctioning. Great.

And did you know that sometimes even after using the Symantec anti-virus program when you ask for help they want you to pony up $100 for the 'necessary professional help'?

And did you know when that $100 help does not work that they say "It is a problem with the product"? And there is no solution given?

Which means later today we will be buying Bit Defender and installing that instead.

We preferred Symantec as they let you use the software on five computers while Bit Defender only allows you to use it on three.

And now my husband's PC is not working due to Symantec's virus program slowing down and hogging up all his memory, paralyzing the computer for over an hour last night, until I gave up and just shut it down without ever being able to use it.

Anyhow I'm realizing how many little work processes I rely on the computer for.

I was delayed in placing an order for pre-emergent weed killer (organic) and finally gave in and placed the order by phone.

I am now late on researching and preparing an online order for vitamins and supplements.

I was nearly a day late in seeing what the Amazon Vine review program was offering me. (I missed out on what looks like a cool 3D illustration book on the history of inventions. My son will be disappointed.)

I am behind on email and could not check RSVPs for a homeschool class I had organized.

You get the gist. I use the Internet for more than silly stuff. And I am quite behind on the blog posts that I usually write when my muse strikes.

The Good

Both of my kids seem to have recovered from their sicknesses save for one who still has pink eye. The other antibiotics are finished and they seem well. They needed this week for healing from the end of the illnesses then resting up so they didn't get a rebound illness like happened to them with this bout of illnesses.

Even Better Stuff

Anyhow the good news is that all day yesterday our family was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City for a homeschool history class. That was great then we went through some exhibits after. We got to see some things related to history that we have been learning about. I got to see the modern art section for my personal fulfillment.

We spent time on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx (like a Little Italy). We shopped in unique food shops that made me feel like I'd stepped back in time. We ate a delicious meal in an Italian restaurant where there is no printed menu and where the prices are a surprise. (Rumor has it the prices go up if you are rude or a pest to the waiter.) I saw many sites while I was the passenger in our car and am itching to make art now.

Yesterday was a full day of creativity sparks and inspiration and I don't mean just the sites at the Met. I saws tons of inspiration from the window of my car (I was the passenger). Between the streets of New York City and Arthur Avenue, I saw enough photo-worthy things to fill a coffee table book. I used my new camera and was brave with snapping shots. I carefully composed and what resulted was very good, I think. I was not intrusive or excessive, although I now regret not taking shots of some other things I saw on Arthur Avenue. From the car I saw lots of texure stuff that I wish I could have taken photos of. I wish I could have walked the route between Grand Central Park and the Bronx to take some of those photos, but to be honest it is probably not the safest thing to do!

We saw the new Yankee Stadium, drove around it and past the old stadium which I'm told will be demolished.

We also had my son's friend with us for half of the day and we all enjoyed his company. It is fantastic when one's children pick 'good kids' to be friends with. Hooray! My boys were happy to share the day with their friend too.

I found two great art books at The Met gift shop. My older son found an art book he wanted (gasp) and I indulged him (I'll probably blog the story later). I can't wait to start reading those art books.

Another great thing about this week, especially in the last 24 hours, is I am immensely enjoying a book I am reading about Autism. I plan to blog separately about that as I have a lot to say about it.

So despite computer woes that are still unfixed (I'm taking a chance by using my PC right now) this week is ending on a high note with happy moods and surges in creativity. I'm feeling very much that "life is good", happy to be living in this land of opportunity (even despite political craziness in America right now).


Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

I lost my internet service one time the day before my visa bill was due. Argh.

Post some photos from your trip! Was it something a group organized, or the museum offered?

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Welcome back!

I had a week like yours a few weeks ago, in which computer problems, family life and other issues all came together to make the time and opportunity to get online scarce.

I am glad everyone is on the mend. I am so hoping that you will eventually post some of your pictures from Arthur Ave. I spent a summer in NYC when I was in high school, and I still remember it fondly. Someday I will have to dig up the snapshot of me petting the horses of the mounted police right in front of the WTC.

I don't think I could live in the city now, though. I like the country life.