Saturday, February 21, 2009

Will Hollywood Take a Day of Mine?

A homeschool mom friend invited me to the once annual movie day thing that is taking place today. It's an annual thing she attends with a friend. A nearby movie theatre sells a ticket for $30 and they show all of the Oscar nominations for movie of the year, one after the other with just a short break in between, plus some popcorn and unlimited sodas.

I was seriously considering going until I realized that the five movies would take up FOURTEEN HOURS of my life. Yes my day from 10:30 a.m. to midnight would be taken up (drive time is additional).

I would be sick if I ate popcorn all day, and soda.

I would have to smuggle in bottled water and snacks. And maybe keep a healthy sandwich in the car.

What would I do with my hands all that time? I usually bite all my nails off during one movie out of boredom (after all the popcorn is gone). I was thinking of bringing along my kid's Thinking Putty. I even contemplated buying glow-in-the-dark plastic knitting needles (they are silent too) and knitting in the dark. I am not kidding.

I don't think I'll be attending. I don't want to see them all anyhow. There is one I'd like to see (Slumdog Millionaire) but I can wait for the DVD release and borrow it free from the local library. I'd also like to see The Reader, just because I read the book years ago (but have forgotten the content).

I have a short list of things I really WANT to do with my time, and that I'm in the mood to do today. Time is usually what I'm always longing for, more free time! When given a full day of no appointments outside the home. I have one thing I kind of NEED to do that today is perfect for (has to do with being able to shop alone in a local yarn shop). If I don't do that today it will have to be done the next Saturday that I'm in state (in two weeks).

Lastly, I don't watch a lot of movies as frankly I think most of them stink and are a waste of my time. It is expensive to go to the movies also, too much money and the food costs too much. A small amount of snacks cost me $22 and tickets cost me about that much for the two kids and I to attend the bargain matinee to see Inkheart, earlier this month, which was a movie that was worthwhle to watch on the big screen.

And I don't give a hoot about the Oscars. I don't know everyone nominated. I don't watch the Oscars. I don't care about the personal lives of the movie stars, sorry but I have other things on my mind. Celebrities propping each other up to award each other, who cares?

No, Hollywood, I'm not giving you a day of my life today. Sorry.

As I write this and inform my husband of the decision he smiled and said, "Starve the beast!" As you can tell he's not a big lover of Hollywood either.

One more thing, lest I give the wrong impression, I'm happy that my friend invited me, and both she and her friend are intelligent people who are not celebrity worshippers. My friend described this day for her as a pure escape from the reality of life, kind of like a suspension of reality, to be in a dark theatre for at least four movies (last year they took a break and went to eat dinner in a restaurant). I don't want to imply that my friend is foolish by any means.

Today I just feel happy to be home and attending to what I want and need to do here. I want to get done the projects I've not yet been able to finish. And the day is bright and sunny and inspirational. The completion of those tasks hopefully will make me feel fulfilled, more than watching the movies will. I think and hope it will!

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Miriam's Art Journal BLOG said...

I had a great time reading this entry! I would not go either for the mere fact that I have 2 little ones....have not been to a movie in 3 years.....time is a huge thing as you know when the kids are small.....I loved the idea of shopping alone....Your hubby and my hubby would get along....LOL