Thursday, February 26, 2009

Time to Plan For

Things we did last summer that the planning and scheduling begins this week---

I can't believe it is time to think about these things already!

Big family camping trip with Boy Scout Troop

Boy Scout summer residence camp for older son

Should I volunteer again this year at Boy Scout residence camp?

Above: my humble abode for the week should I choose to volunteer again.

Above: Camp food in the dining hall is what I'd be eating.

Crew with Yale Community Rowing program for older son

Cub Scout summer residence camp, younger son

Whether to host another Japanese foreign exchange student this summer or not?

(Double click above photo to see what he is doing.)

Already know I don't want to volunteer at Cub Scout Day Camp.

Me on a hot summer day volunteering, thinking, "This is the last year I'm doing this!"

Older son asking to volunteer there again, so we need to figure out if he'll go or we'll spend an extra week in Cape Cod.

Stay home so older son can volunteer (above) or go to Cape Cod with the kids (below)---hmmm. Which would I rather do? Not a hard decision.

And younger son doesn't want to go to Cub Scout Day Camp this year, so scratch that off the list for him.

Due to the economy and feeling that we should not be spending money now that we may need later, we'll not be taking any trips that we have to pay for (no hotels, no airfare, and so forth.)

Decisions, decisions......

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Summer Fae said...

We are also pondering the idea of summer camp. Unfortunately we don't have any that are close to us. I think that the kids will be taking part in a sports day camp. It is through the local rec center and it is very reasonably priced.