Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thank You A Rod

Just have to share that the other day my younger son came up to me and said that when he gets older he wants to use steroids to help him do better at sports.

How wonderful.

So thanks A Rod for being such a wonderful leader and role model to America's youth.

I'll be honest. We are by no means sports fanatics. My husband and I are in agreement that we just can't get too worked up about grown men getting paid big bucks to play a sports game. Sorry. College football of the alma mater college is another matter and admiring college athletes of all sports (not just football) is something else, especially those student athletes who actually go to college to learn and do graduate with a real degree and who graduate without being arrested for any crimes.

How did my younger son even know about A Rod? We hadn't told him, he overheard it on the news while driving in the car or overheard it on the TV playing in the other room or something.

Anyhow we had a little lesson about what steroids are, why they would be used, that they are dangerous, that they are illegal, that professional sports have rules, what might happen to A Rod now that he was caught, and lots of stuff like that.

I understand that the world does not exist to be perfect to make my parenting an easy task. I get it. But just let me vent for a moment that parenting is a constant challenge. It is downright draining sometimes to keep trying to teach a certain set of values, morals and a certain ethical code when there are such clear examples of the polar opposite being done by prominent Americans, and having the media put it in our face so often that we can't seem to avoid hearing about the same story over and over and over. Between corrupt politicians, sports figures using peformance enhancing drugs and terrible acting musicians and actors, our kids don't have many famous people to look up to. (And please if you are not American don't judge our entire nation on what those wrongdoers do! They do not represent the majority of Americans!)

We parents of young boys need more real American role models for our children to aspire to emulate.

Where are the role models?

Where are the leaders who follow the rules and laws of our country?

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

As an observer of the media, I sometimes think that stories like A Rod are being used to distract us from more important, and really newsworthy stories.

But as a mother, I am asking the same question: Oh, where oh, where are the law-abiding, truth-telling, honorable role models for our kids.

Or maybe we are looking in the wrong places? After all, before TV, role models were found among the adults who comprised the local community. May it be so again!