Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Christine’s Favorite Charlotte Mason Resources

Christine’s Favorite Charlotte Mason Resources--Websites

A Charlotte Mason Education has lots of information, website of Catherine Levison, author of fantastic, books with practical ideas about how to home educate with the Charlotte Mason method (A Charlotte Mason Education, More Charlotte Mason Education, and A Literary Education). She is a columnist for The Link homeschooling publication and is a conference speaker.

Ambleside Online Free Curriculum Plans, Schedules and Resource Compilation if you don't want to plan your own, consider using AO!

Charlotte Mason Home Education. Description from the site:
“All articles on this site (unless otherwise noted) are written by either Deborah Taylor-Hough (editor of The Charlotte Mason Monthly eNewsletter) or Catherine Levison (author of A Charlotte Mason Education, More Charlotte Mason Education, and A Literary Education).”

Charlotte Mason Research & Supply Co. is Dean & Karen Andreola's company and website, the company that put Charlotte Mason’s original six volume series on home education back into print. Karen authored “A Charlotte Mason Education”, an excellent book. They are conference speakers also.

Penny Gardner's Charlotte Mason site. Author of “Charlotte Mason Study Guide” (Christian version and secular version”, on e-book and in print, self-published and available to purchase through her website. Site also has articles and information about the method.

Queen Homeschool Supplies. Reprints antique living books and provides materials for use in Charlotte Mason method homeschools. Sometimes sells their products at homeschooling conferences. I have purchased their products.

Simply Charlotte Mason. Website has articles and information. They sell e-books that explain the Charlotte Mason method and sell DVDs of workshops that teach the method. They host live workshops on the method also.

Yesterday's Classics is a company that reprints antique living books commonly used by home educators using the Charlotte Mason method. These books are fine quality reprints that are legible and of a higher quality than some other publishers who have reprinted the same titles. I know because I've compared them side by side. I am a customer of theirs.

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atara said...

Thanks for links! I don't really "get" the ambleside curriculum yet. It seems very non-structured but lit. rich.