Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where to Find Used Books to Use for Homeschooling

Homeschoolers Selling Used Books Online as a Home-Based Business

1. Idobooks. Many living books nicely separated by genre and many biographies. Section of easier living books and listing of $1 books too.

2. Keller's Books (specializing in vintage children's books and Catholic materials)

3. Homeschool Library Builder

4. Valerie's Living Books

5. Wholesome Books

Websites for Homeschoolers to Resell or Buy Used (or Never Used) Curriculum or Books from Other Homeschoolers (not running reselling businesses of their own)

1. Homeschool Classifieds.com. Free.

2. Sale Board at The Well Trained Mind site (present policy: must have posted at least 50 chat forum messages). Free.

Buying Used Books in Your Local Community (in the U.S.A.)

1. Book Sale Finder: Find Library Book Sales In Your Area. Can look up sales on the site or sign up for weekly email alerts with parameters you set. Remember to check for book sales when you go out of state on vacation!

Swapping Books Online

1. Paperbackswap.com (click graphic below to link through) is a book swapping site for paperback books, HARDCOVER books and AUDIO books. You mail your books to members and other people mail you the books you want. A good site with an easy system. Get rid of your old fiction, cookbooks, hobby books, old curriculum, outgrown children's books and get new books and curriculum to use in the future.

There is also a discussion group on the site "Homeschoolers Corner".

PaperBackSwap.com - Our online book club offers free books when you swap, trade, or exchange your used books with other book club members for free.

Free Books

1. Book Samaritan: Free Homeschooling Materials for Families in Need

List last updated 1/27/09


Nora said...

There are also two new book sale sites that post library book sales.


The manager one has an email notification option so you can be emailed when a sale nearby is listed.

Tim said...

I'm offering a free download of homeschool grammar materials for middle school and high school ages:


tahmed9 said...

I know its not home schooling specific but I find loads of bargains at www.awesomebooks.com. I raised one of my kids using Montessori principles and bought 6-7 books from there before starting.

They normally delivery to USA within 5-7 days and delivery is free, quality of books are great. New books on homeschooling are so expensive, I think publishers know how important these types of decisions are so they jack the price up beyond what is reasonable.


MyBookCart said...


I own the Connecticut based website MyBookCart.com. MyBookCart.com is a book buyback website, and we also buy homeschooling books! I was wondering if we could be included on your blog? We'll also be exhibiting at the Northeast Homeschooling Convention. MyBookCart.com is a BBB accredited business. Thanks!