Thursday, January 22, 2009

Deer Tracks - Dragging Feet

Of all the deer tracks I've seen in snow or mud, I've never seen one dragging its feet. Besides the visual appeal of this interesting pattern my curiosity is piqued.

The snow was shallow. Photos taken last week by me in my driveway (in Fairfield County Connecticut), but the same tracks with dragging appeared in the grass.

If you know anything about deer tracks and if this dragging behavior is common, or if it might be due this deer possibly being ill (possibly with Chronic Wasting Disease), please leave a comment on this post. Since every step had this dragging I didn't think it was due to a leg injury.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Wow, Christine, I see a lot of deer tracks and I have never seen that either. I recommend that you contact your Fish and Game Department, because it does look like that poor deer has a problem.
Also, you might want to e-mail the Tracker School in New Jersey. (I think you can Google it) because they might have a clue.

Amy said...

I have the same thing in my yard, but only one of the deer is doing it. I don't know how much truth to it there is, but my dad told me yesterday that bucks drag their feet. I was relieved, because I also thought he might have been injured!