Monday, January 19, 2009

Christine's Links for Connecticut Homeschoolers

Christine's Links for Connecticut Homeschoolers

1. Between Counties Homeschool Support Group: Originally started for residents living on the edge of New Haven county and the edge of Fairfield county. Inclusive group. No membership fee. Holds a weekly park day outoors weather permitting in fall and spring.

Leader Stacey Freddino was interviewed for a long article in The Review (print publication) September 2008 edition.

Group members may access the private Yahoo Group! called F-C-H for online discussion and networking, over 150 families are on F-C-H.

2. CHN - Connecticut Homeschool Network Support Group Listing. Many support groups listed by geographic location or by homeschooling method.

3. Home page for CHN - Connecticut Homeschool Network. Inclusive group, statewide. Look around the site to see what they have to offer. Holds an annual inclusive homeschooling conference.

4. CHN's Law and Policy page

5. Classical Kids Homeschool Support Group for homeschooling families interested in the classical home education method. In addition to face to face events the website has a wealth of information including a virtual library with book and curriculum suggestions contributed by CK members.

6. Community Think (Connecticut Social Group for Homeschooled Students). Inclusive Group.

7. Connecticut Trips Blog (science related). Learn how Connecticut's natural resources can be educational experiences for your family. Their books are excellent and I highly recommend them.

8. Connecticut Homeschool Hikers: Homeschooling families doing organized hikes together. Inclusive Group.

9. Connecticut Homeschoolers Inclusive, statewide organization. Inclusive Group. There is an active Yahoo Group! for networking and discussion with over 750 families.

10. Connecticut town school systems that have reported homeschoolers to DCF related to the family's decision to homeschool, data compiled by NHELD.

11. CT CHEER - An Independent Cooperative home page and CT CHEER About Us Page describes the organization.

12. NHELD: National Homeschool Legal Defense (based in Connecticut). All inclusive.

13. TEACH - Christian Homeschooling Organization. Exclusive group for Christian homeschoolers.

14. Unschoolers Unlimited Support Group, for those using an unschooling method, a long time group founded by Ned Vare and Luz Shoshie.

List is in alphabetical order by organization or site name.

NOTE: Connecticut has a growing number of co-op's and group learning experiences. I cannot list all of them. I suggest you join as many support groups as possible and attend face to face adult support group meetings as well as park days and events for children. As you intentionally reach out and initiate discussions with other homeschooling parents you will find out about more activities and co-op's than you may have realized existed using the Internet or Yahoo Groups!

Also some Connecticut homeschoolers have participated in 2009-2010 in the National Geographic Geography Bee, Spelling Bees, Creative Writing contest through Southern Connecticut State University, Science Olympiad, Future Problem Solvers, Junior FIRST LEGO League, FIRST LEGO League, Yale's Paleo-Knowledge Bowl and the Connecicut Stock Market Simulation (and probably more that I don't even know about).

List updated 6/04/09.

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christinethecurious said...

Thanks Christine!

I was just thinking I need to look at other group's web pages, because the little co-op I coordinate has owned web space for a year and a half, and the brilliant teenager I hired to start our web site has to leave for college soon, so we'd better get on the ball: but what is good in a web site anyway? All these examples are lovely.

-Christine in Massachusetts

christinemm said...

Hi Christine,
What I am doing but had not blogged about is reducing my sidebar links. I'm taking the links that have been there for years and changing them to be a blog post. Then in the sidebar I can have a short list of links.

I am doing this to reduce sidebar clutter.

If someone wants to see Connecticut HS resources they can click it and see my list.

Another good thing is doing it inside a blog post like that, I can explain in text what the site is and why I like it or use it.

This listing of CT resources really is for the people living in CT who are curious about homeschooling or are new to it and are trying to make connections to others, to find a support network that may be a good fit for them.

What a group chooses to put inside a website is another whole topic entirely. Good luck with designing your website and maintaining it over time!

A said...

Great links. I love that homeschoolers get together to form communities, but wish there was a good (maintained) website linking nationwide/international homeschooling groups.

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