Sunday, December 28, 2008

What Kim Said About Prepping Engineering Hopeful's

I asked Kim at Kim's Play Place blog for her opinion on what an ideal homeschooling plan would be for a child who expresses an interest to become an engineer.

She answered it in her blog post today:

Becoming An Engineer Just the Facts

I actually also asked her is there a point to me pushing my child who expresses a career and college degree in engineering to do a classical home education? Should I be fretting if we have not yet done Latin, if we are lagging behind in my plans for world history and if other things are going by the wayside? She didn't give her two cents on that yet.

I just read Kim's post to my eleven year old son who wants to be an engineer. He is excited just thinking about it.

And right now I'm not so worried about behing 'behind' in world history and that our composer study and poetry appreciation has slipped either.


Kim said...

Thanks for the link! I had actually forgotten about the classical ed part of your question. I will address that as well when I go into how to get your kid excited about engineering and thinking like an engineer.

Kim said...

Can I say that I am thrilled your son is still interested and excited? That post seemed rather daunting to me and I did those things!