Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Weird Thing About Decluttering

It is so strange how deciding what to get rid of can sometimes seem almost painful, at the very least, it can be a struggle. Yet when the things are gone, they are not missed, and nothing feels different. I mean, sometimes it feels like if I am going to lose a piece of myself. I know that statement is illogical but it is true, and it is one I’ve heard others say so I know I’m not alone with that notion.

Yet after letting go of stuff, we are left with a more organized space, with less visual clutter.

The hard part of decluttering is not the physical actions but the mental energy it takes to decide what to let go of and what to keep, and where to store it.

It is odd that something that took debate about “will I use this again” and “surely I can’t part with this as it will be needed in the future” is never actually missed.

It is good that the memory of something is sufficient. We don’t need to keep the thing in our possession to remember that thing, or that good time we had using that thing, or the usefulness of that thing to do something. And some things that were let go of erase from my memory and are never missed at all.

When clutter is here, making a mess, being in the way, taking up space, it almost constantly generates negative thoughts of varying kinds. Some things generate the thought “I’m not good enough as I still haven’t been able to find time to use that thing”. Other times it makes me think “if you were more organized or more disciplined or more (fill in the blank) then this space would look neat instead of cluttered up”.

The last thing I need is stupid material possessions to spark negative thoughts in my mind. I get enough negativity from the outside world and people in my life to allow things and stuff to contribute to it.

I’m making progress with the book decluttering project, if you can’t tell. Enlightened thoughts and the positive outlook are indicators of progress and getting over the hurdle that the middle of such a project presents.

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Edge of Design said...

I enjoy decluttering. It's amazing how things can accumulate, huh?

christinemm said...

No I am not enjoying this!

Parting with books is hard for me.

Plus now that I'm onto decluttering the dining room table I'm seeing stuff that has no home.

Crystals grown onto rocks, pottery made by my kids, large drawings that are new, board game pieces that need putting back where they belong. Inherited stuff from two close relatives that passed on in this last year. I have no time to handle organizing and storing these things in the normal homeschooling lifestyle schedule. But now that relatives are coming for a holiday dinner I had to clear the week of homeschooling lessons (largely) and put time to this. Ugh. I feel pressured to do it and like I have no time.

It is so not-fun that I keep popping online for a little break. LOL.