Friday, November 28, 2008

Proof of the Decline

Regarding this.

Two things:

1. Note the grammar error from management staff. Incompetence in English grammar, resulting from either sub-par American education or from attending a school that has removed English grammar from the scope and sequence. Most likely it is one of those two things causing it. To those who feel that spelling doesn’t matter, cash registers don’t have spell check, I guess, so the old ‘spell check will catch it’ didn’t work this time.

2. Proof of more of the ‘self-esteem’ generation. Prop ‘em up for not just being mediocre but for being a poor work performer.



Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Wow! This is for real, right?

christinemm said...

Yes that is a real site where people submit notes from other people. It is supposed to focus on people showing their passive aggressive tendencies through leaving notes.

I stumbled upon the site the other day. Some funny stuff on that site.

Check the whole site out for chuckles.

Demas said...

I'm a little disturbed by the idea that this was *probably* referring to a "special needs" worker. Maybe she speaks slowly, perhaps she understands slowly, we don't know. While I agree that the receipt itself is funny, I am inclined to give Janet the benefit of the doubt. However, the receipt programmer can be drawn and quartered for the "trys" thing.

christinemm said...

Demas my criticism was of the manager not the worker, just to be clear. The manager is the one choosing to praise an employee who does slow work and the manager can't spell either. The manager chose to prop up a poor performing worker to stoke their self-esteem.

My first job paying minimum wage was at a coffee and doughnut shop as a counter waitress. The management was brutal to us demanding hard work and never resting or slacking off. I also worked with three children of either the manager or the owner and they put pressure on all the other workers to work hard and keep up.

And we were very rarely praised for our definate hard work, it was just expected to be done. But that was the 1980s and it is a whole new world now.

For more reading google 'trophy kids' or check out the book "The Trophy Kids Grow Up".