Thursday, November 20, 2008

Homeschooled Kids Demented, Says Joy Behar, on The View

My husband pointed me to this post by Michelle Malkin about Joy Behar calling homeschooled kids 'demented' on The View.

In a discussion about where the women of The View think President-Elect's kids should go to school, homeschooling came up, in this way.

After discussing public vs. private school Joy Behar said they should be taught in the White House. Barbara Walters asks if she means they should be homeschooled. Then Behar says no, she wants other kids brought in to run a little schoolhouse like "Little House on the Prairie" inside the White House. The only conservative on the show, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, made a positive comment about homeschooling, then Behar countered it with negative comments (multiple) including calling homeschooled kids demented.


The myth came up that the homeschooled kids are trapped inside their house and only taught by (and around) their parents.

I'm pretty annoyed right now and am contemplating emailing The View with my two cents.

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