Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sick of Negative Effects Caused by Non-Thinkers

Lately I have had at least two examples a week of problems caused by workers lack of thinking abilities and secondarily, lack of follow-through. I thought about making a list but so far have not.

When my children are witness to these things I launch into a discussion of the issues and the problems caused by non-thinking, lack of common sense, poor work ethics or sheer stupidity, depending on which applies.

Today's issue has to do with an employee claiming ignorance that what the medical office chose to do is technically insurance fraud, a felony. Then the office worker went on to tell me they are not going to do anything to fix the problem, as her only concern is patient care and neither she or the doctor know anything about medical billing, proper ways to use CPT coding, Medicare payment policy or insurance fraud laws--those are not their concern, she said, as they just know about patient care. Are you kidding me? It is the doctor's business to know how to bill for his services, to know what is fraud and what is not fraud and it is his job to make sure all staff members who are involved in the billing process are trained in these topics as well.

I am seriously worried about the future of life in America, because these problems seem to be growing in number. Someone is to blame for these lacking abilities. These things must be taught to children and teenagers throughout their young lives as a starting point foundation. As with everything else even in adulthood, learning continues and these things get sharpened over time. Also the basic values of justice, honesty, and so forth must be set in childhood and reinforced in the teenage years, it is a parent's duty to teach those things. Teens and young adults need to have those foundational principals set in place when they begin to live more indpendent lives, such as working at a job, buying a car, renting or buying a place to live in, so on and so forth.

People younger than me seem less able:

1. To think, to reason, to evaluate what they see, read, or hear.

2. They seem more vulnerable to instantly accept anything that is told to them without any independent thinking or analysis. Simple examples are to believe what a commercial states, to fall for sales gimmicks, and to believe political propaganda such as wild claims and promises made by politicians running for office.

3. They are lacking logic. Even when presented with the facts and information they seem unable to process it and make any sense of it to come to logical conclusions that are apparent to some other people.

4. Common sense seems 'not so common' anymore. Some people just don't have common sense, they seem to be unable to see what is plain and right in front of their faces, or fail to comprehend what is spelled right out for them.

5. They seem to care less about follow-through, thinking "this is not my problem" and passing the buck to someone else, making an excuse, saying "that is the other person's job". They have no desire to help the customer such as to facilitate that a problem (caused by their own office staff) gets dealt with by the proper person in the company. They are content to just walk away or hang up the phone and leave the customer in the lurch. And they care not a whit of the negative consequences caused by their co-worker (or themselves if they are to blame). This also sometimes applies to when a law is broken by said company. I am unsure if this is just a poor work ethic or something larger is the issue here.

6. The general sense of responsibility seems lacking. If a problem is seen, people don't step in to say, "Hey, this is a problem for our customer, it needs addressing, let me do my part to get the ball rollling in the right direction because addressing the harder problems that I find out about while working is also part of my job, not just doing the easiest parts of my job." I am unsure if this is linked to people not having a sense of justice or seeking to do good or what is causing that line of thinking, or if it is just simple laziness? If it is apathy, what has caused the apathy to occur?

7. The ignorance of our laws and the notion that a law can be broken and then they can just claim "I didn't know that was a law" as if that will get them out of the problem. The fact of the matter is that in the United States of America being ignorant about a law does not exempt the person from being charged with a crime or being punished and sentenced in a court of law.

8. Lying seems to be on the rise. Decency and honestly seem to be on the decline. People seem to lie and manipulate to get their way, even if it is rude, even if it causes more problems for others than how it benefits them, and even if it breaks a law.

Combine all this with what reports state about our country's youth learning less and less in schools and our country declining in the rankings of academic knowledge. I don't mean for this post to turn into an American school bashing post but they have to be partly to blame.

All this is enough to make a person downright fearful to grow older. I say that because when I'm older the younger ones will be running the country (not just being lower ranking employees in companies) and our country can get into a fine mess if all of the above is rampant. If the ones with academic smarts, thinking skills, common sense and a general sense of decency and a desire to do what is right and good are outnumbered we are really going to be in a bad situation.


Jennifer said...

I agree with you, and I am very worried about the future of this country as well. I hope to be able to homeschool my children when they get a bit older. I would like them to learn things while they are growing up that I was never taught.

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

I feel that a big reason for many of the problems you state, is school. Children are being taught to spew out the right answer, and not to care much about how they got it. They rely on others telling them what to do all day, so "They seem more vulnerable to instantly accept anything that is told to them without any independent thinking or analysis."

Even my sister, who went to an Ivy League university, was surprised at how little dialog was going on in her classes, and how she was glared at whenever she second-guessed her professors; a place where she assumed critical thinking would be encouraged. Nope. Just memorize the stuff and get out.

I too fear the future. The amount of stupid people out there is alarming. But then I remind myself that there are also people out there (like you) blogging about their concern, and trying to do better with their own children, and I think that just *maybe* there might be enough of us to make a difference.

I can hope, at least.

I'd like to recommend the book "X Saves the World: How Generation X Got the Shaft but Can Still Keep Everything from Sucking". It's a quick read that deals with this problem of where the people in the country are going, how they are getting there, and what people of our generation are doing about it. A good read. Made me feel a little more hopeful.

Crimson Wife said...

This is the inevitable result of the moral relativism so prevalent in our society over the past four decades or so. It used to be that children were taught moral absolutes, starting in most cases with the 10 Commandments.

But in the mid-sixties, all that started to change. Those in power started promoting "situational ethics" and the idea that there is no objective truth. Suddenly, people started rationalizing all sorts of inappropriate behaviors to themselves on the basis that nothing is ever objectively "right" or "wrong", just "right for me" :-(

kristen said...

I know you may disagree with this but I think one large contributer to this phenomonon is the growth of Christianity, particularly fundamentalism, in the US. These children, who are being raised in this fashion, are discouraged to think, reason and evaluate. They are instructed not to question and told it's "God's will" when their authority figures do not know the answer. Some are prohibited from certain lines of investigation (i.e.,evolution, cause of homosexuality) or know that if they come up with the "wrong" answer that they are sinning or heretical. I know that many Christians are not raising their kids this way but many more are. Religion can be as poisonous as it is uplifting. Like a scalpel, it can heal but it can also kill.