Monday, October 20, 2008

Getting Excited for Rabbit Hill Festival of Literature

Yesterday I was filled up with stimulation and eye candy while attending the big New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, New York. I "window shopped" and bought some yarn and a set of knitting needles for future projects.

Today is a new day and somewhat sadly, I can't dwell on yesterday as we had to rise early to get to a dental appointment. After that we progressed with errands and visits to my mother-in-law, my parents, and my brother and sister-in-law, then home to do homeschooling lessons. I was jolted when I realized that the Rabbit Hill Festival of Literature kicks off on Thursday (can it be that time of year already?). This evening I realized that something my husband said to me this morning means also that he has a work conflict leaving me without childcare for this very clearly stated 'no children allowed' opening event-lecture. When a friend called to chat (serendipity!) I asked if she could watch my kids while my sons played with her son (their friend). I was thrilled when she said yes.

At each of the past Rabbit Hill Festivals that I attended I vowed not to overspend or even buy anything (due to a tight budget), but would just take books that I already owned written by those authors for signing, yet each year I forked out well over $100 on children's books that day due to my curiosity being piqued and to have them signed that day.

This year I am partially ashamed to admit that I am buying books ahead of time through Ouch! Sorry Westport Library!

So tonight I was online shopping for books by: Steve Jenkins, E.B. Lewis, Grace Lin, Barbara McClintock, David Wiesner and Mo Willems. I bought seven books this evening. Thanks to the fantastic customer service and fast shipping of and UPS I will surely have these seven books in hand by Saturday morning.

This year the focus of the children's festival is on children's picture books and especially focusing on illustrations. The opening lecture is being given by the President of the Eric Carle Museum Museum of Picture Book Art, H. Nichols B. Clark.

(Note to self: this museum is less than a two hour drive from my home, it is ridiculous that we have not yet visited it and we MUST get up there this fall---definately before the "Pat the Bunny" exhibit ends!).

Now that the order is placed I can get back to thinking good thoughts and feeling inspired by all that I saw yesterday at the Sheep and Wool Festival!

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This telling of The Gingerbread Man was a favorite of both of my children!

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Demas said...

Wow - the wool festival. My sister goes to that wool festival too. I don't live near her now, so I don't go, but it's cool to know that someone who's blog I read does. Hope you had a good time.


Susan T. said...

Hi! I went to Rabbit Hill last night. I thought the lecture was interesting--and especially enjoyed the follow-up questions from the author-illustrators. I'm kicking myself for not having been to the Carle Museum yet, too.

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