Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Computer Virus Nightmare

Last night I was on the computer at night. I don't usually do that.

I credit this with giving me I a extremely realistic feeling nightmare (yes, in full color). I dreamed I turned on my computer and opened my email program. I had an email from a friend that said a terrible computer virus was just discovered and there was no fix for it yet so virus detecting software programs were not yet able to identify or prevent the computers from being damaged if infected so to be careful! The virus was so bad that one out of two people who turned on their computers that day were losing all their saved data and it could not be recovered. The virus was rampant and almost everyone who turned on their computer that day would get the virus. People were being advised to not even turn on their computers lest they possibly lose everything.

And just then while reading that email my computer got the virus and it began shutting down and all my data was lost.

I have not saved my documents to my external hard drive in about six months. I should do that today I guess...

I have various things on my hard drive, these blog posts, blog post drafts, homeschooling notes and records for our family and more. It would kill me to lose all that data.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Sounds like a timely dream.
I am thinking about carbonite.com right now. I have soooo much stuff to back up!

Demas said...

Not that I want anything bad to happen to your computer, but thanks for the dreamed. It made me go and back up my laptop. Thanks


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helan said...

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