Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman Passed Away at Home

I am not a celebrity watcher or obsessor. While my interest in Paul Newman is partially because he lives close to me (he lives in Westport, Connecticut), my main interest in this story was that he got his wish, to die at home. The media is reporting that Paul Newman passed away yesterday at age 83.

Having two close relatives pass away and one friend in this last year, and one right now probably on her way out, I am very attuned to issues such as dignity while sick, infirmed and/or elderly and that the person gets their wishes regarding caregiving and where they will die. All three of the people I was close to who passed away died where they wanted to, two at home and one in a hospice facility--they each wanted to be in those places. My friend with two children my same age did want to be in the hospice facility as she didn't want her children linking their own home to her death and having a sadness feeling about their home.

I am glad that Paul Newman got his wish.

Here is an article talking about Paul Newman's desire to live the end of his life at home. It also discusses how he was wrapping up his financial affairs, passing the torch to his business onto his son and giving away his belongings to those he wanted to have them, while he was still alive.

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I was sad to hear the news, even though I know he lived a good, long life.

I admire his integrity in not letting Hollywood spoil him.
And I thought that he still didn't really look like he was 83, even as he was being wheeled out of the hospital.

Good-bye, Paul. You gave such pleasure to the world.