Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oster Classic 76 Hair Clipper Product Review by ChristineMM

Item: Oster Classic 76 Professional Products Hair Clipper
Model Number: 76076-010
Full Retail Price: $189.99
Price on Amazon: Amazon discounts this price, see link below for today's price.

Rating: 5 stars out of 5
Summary: Same One the Barbers Use---Works Great!

How this came to me: Our family purchased this product with our own money for our family’s personal use.

After years of paying a barber to cut his hair, my husband gave in to the chidings of his brother and a friend to buy the same clipper used by barbers, the Oster Classic 76, to begin using it to cut his hair at home. The others have both trained themselves to cut their own hair. In our family, I have learned to cut my husband's hair.

We are saving money cutting hair at home instead of paying the barber’s fee plus tip and we feel this justifies the cost of this clipper over time. Actually a larger issue was finding the time in the schedule for my husband to go to the barber shop when they were open and when it jived with his schedule, which was getting difficult with my husband’s work hours. Also there is no sitting and waiting for the next available barber when you cut your own hair at home.

This is a professional device and is high quality. The way the clipper is designed is safe to use. More tricky is the Oster T-finisher tool, sold separately, because the T-finisher tool can cut the skin if not used properly. We use the Oster Classic 76 for the main cutting and clean up the sideburns, back, and back of the neck with the Oster T-Finisher.

Sometimes the Oster Classic 76 is sold in a combination pack with the Oster T-Finisher.

Read the package for which blades come with the Classic 76. My model number 76076-010 comes with a size 1 and size 000 blades. Other blades are sold separately.

After finding the manufacturer's full retail price online, we then shopped around locally and found the local retail stores including a 'discount hair supply store' were selling ABOVE the full retail price. We found the best price on so we bought it there.

We have been using this for about nine months.

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Eating said...

Thanks for the review. I have a cheap clipper with the plastic attachments and was looking for something more professional. This sounds like a professional model that will do a better/quicker job. Do you still like the Classic 76 now that more time has pasted? Do you know if it is a noticeable upgrade verses the cheaper ones?

christinemm said...

Yes we still use this clipper. This is a serious professional clipper used by barbers. It is heavy and well-built and should last for years and years.

I also have a cheaper trimmer tool that was given to me new for free and it is sold for about 2/3 the price of the Oster but is a piece of junk compared to the Oster.

I also reviewed the trimmer tool made by Oster that is a separate unit for cleaning up the neck, over the ears etc. We use that too (same as the barbers do).

Now if I could only know all the barber skills so all the males in my family could stop going to the barber we'd really save money!