Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Free 12 oz. Coffee From Starbucks for Homeschooling Parents

In September, from what I read on the Internet here and here, each Monday in September, school teachers were offered a free 12 oz. (a “tall”) cup of Pike Place Roast coffee to celebrate the return to school for a "teacher appreciation Mondays" promotion.

On a state homeschool chat list that I am on, some homeschool parents were saying they got free beverages, not that coffee and not that size, but bigger and better drinks!

Something must have gone wrong with some homeschooling parents as per this announcement on the HSLDA site, HSLDA intervened and got Starbucks to officially allow homeschooling parents to participate, on the only Monday left in the month, September 29, 2008.

According to the HSLDA site you must show proof that you homeschool (see the announcement for a list of documents they feel Starbucks will accept). This special offer is for all homeschoolers not just for HSLDA members.

With the cost of gas it is hardly worth it for me to intentionally drive to a Starbucks for a free 12 ounce cup of joe. Plus if I go with kids in tow during the daytime, I'll end up shelling out money for them to get a special drink too. Perhaps I'll go out for a little "me time" by myself for a cup of decaf in the evening.

I love the taste of Starbucks coffee so I buy it at a discount from Costco and brew it at home. It costs too much to buy coffee daily at Starbucks-- I do not want to spend my money in that way. Instead, I save buying from Starbucks stores for special occasions.

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Shanna said...

My favorite drink from Starbucks: Grande Toffee Nut Creme Frap...not really a coffee drink, but delicious nontheless. Thanks for the head's up!

Laura said...

Thanks for sharing. I actually detest coffee and the smell of coffee. But my coffee-loving hubby knows where all the Starbucks are around here and work. He will love taking advantage of this on Monday!

MamaK said...

That's cool. But I don't have a current ID card. I suppose I could just print out whatever. we'll see....
Hey, when you get a chance, stop by my blog. YOU have been nominated!-K

Kaber said...

I can walk to Starbucks (so I pretend I burn all those extra calories)- but I do not have a homeschool ID card and my "Private School Form" is only accepted in October- from what I was told (Califonria)

But thanks- I can always try anyway.

christinemm said...

Kaber, you aren't a member of a statewide, local or national homeschool organization that has the word homeschool in it?

In my state a couple of support groups (local little ones) and also the statewide inclusive group give out cards, as does the exclusive Christian group. Also NHELD and HSLDA give out cards if anyone is a member of them.

If you have no affiliation with any group I would suggest writing up your own homeschool ID card like homeschoolers in the 1980s used to do quite often. Make up a name for your homeschool and make an official looking card using your computer, even using a simple word processing program. Change the fonts around and sizes of the text to make it look nice. Put your full names, town, state and other identifying information. Print this off onto cardstock (business card type paper, sold by the single piece in craft and scrapbooking stores or by the ream in office supply stores) then have it laminated if you want it to be durable.

If you really want to be fancy you can add some clip art to the card to make it have something other than black ink on white card. Or then again use your computer program to change the color of some of the writing and use a color printer to print it off.

Some people I know block out the dates with Sharpie marker so they can laminate and use just one card for multiple years and not deal with getting a new updated card every year from the local support groups.

That card will also help you obtain access to educator discounts at Borders and Barnes & Noble and lots of other stores.

Good luck with it.