Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Feeling Flattered

I received this compliment on Frog Creek, who gave me a blog award.

Christine's, The Thinking Mother. She puts so much thought in her decisions, and if you know this woman, you would attest that she is a gift to Connecticut homeschoolers. When I was first contemplating homeschooling, she saw my post on a local message board and game me her telly number so I could chat with her about my confusion and insaneness of a newbie. I will always remember that. She is a dedicated mother, la leche league person, and homeschool advocate.

Tomorrow I'll fulfill the rest of this blog award but for now I am sharing that I'm flattered.

With blogging especially we never know what we say might help someone. Sometimes it can be lonely, blogging, because we publish our posts and sometimes never hear a peep from those who read our writings.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Congratulations! You have earned it with your dedication to your blog and to homeschooling. It's great that you love homeschooling so much that you put yourself out there to others.