Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Teachers Reporting Suspected Racism in Preschoolers

This story from the United Kingdom is so bizarre that readers may doubt it is real.

The story is about a government funded program which encourages teachers of preschool students to be reported to 'the council' if they use certain words (some clearly racist, some more vague) or even saying "yuck" after eating a spicy food.

No where in the article does it say what will happen to the child (or family) based on any report that is made.

I believe this news story because this fits right in with much of the other nonsense happening in American public schools as outlined in the new book "From Crayons to Condoms: The Ugly Truth About America's Public Schools".

Read my first thoughts on "From Crayons..." here.

I'm almost finished with the book then I will do a full book review here on my blog and will submit it as a customer review to Amazon also (that is where I bought the book after all).

Article Title: Toddlers who dislike spicy food 'racist'
By Rosa Prince, Political Correspondent
Last Updated: 9:29AM BST July 8, 2008
Published at: Telegraph UK

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...



I am really, truly having a hard time believing this.

First, what pre-school teacher needs a extremely expensive study to tell her that she ought to intervene when kids call each other names? It's a matter of teaching manners, not quelling 'racism.'

Secondly, since when have individual and evolutionarily instilled preferences become racism? I refer here to preferences for bland food in childhood and the mild 'imprinting' and preferences infants show for their own mothers and family members. This begins as an innate survival mechanism and grows into a learned behavior that is absolutely normal!
Even young infants adopted into American homes from Asia and Europe go through a mourning process related to this.

This is definitely PC gone 'blammy,' in the words of one comment on the article from the UK.