Sunday, July 06, 2008

New Parenting Related Reality Show: The Baby Borrowers

A friend phoned to say I must watch this new show: The Baby Borrowers.

Teens who think they want babies right now are hooked up with babies and later, toddlers to parent temporarily to see what parenting is like 'in real life'.

It airs Wednesday nights on NBC. I'm setting my TiVo to record it.

I am sure this will teach teens a bit of real life. One problem in our society that so much revolves around the life of each individual (child/teen) that there is not much family involvement. Many moms are busy working or have so few children that by the time a child is a teen they are not seeing babies and what real life living with small babies and children is like. Some kids so deprived of attention and love (from their parents) due to being raised in schools and in after school programs and enriching activity classes begin to crave a baby to have unconditional love in their lives. It is quite sad. That notion has been shown on shows like Oprah and Dr. Phil over and over. And look at what is happening in Gloucester. (I just noticed by doing a google search for an update on this story that I blogged it before some of the major media put their stories online. Wow!)

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There's a flip side to this TV show. It's been causing a ruckus. Check it out...