Monday, July 07, 2008

Brothers Enjoying Each Other's Company

I was happy to capture this typical scene of my two sons talking and laughing together while eating lunch. We were having a picnic while at a state park for a family competition in Connecticut. Instead of sitting right next to my husband and I on the grass, our kids wanted to sit by the trunk of this huge tree which they thought was a cool tree.

My children aren't perfect and my they do bicker and have their differences sometimes, which I consider normal sibling behavior although rudeness and hitting are not things that our family tolerates (we address it when it happens). My boys are close friends who do get along nearly most of the time. I think that thanks to our homeschooling lifestyle with them being together more often than schooled children-siblings are forces them to be more tolerant of each other and to work more on getting along lest more of their time be spent in disharmony, and who wants that?

My kids surely get along better than I ever did with my brother!

I'm considering this proof of positive socialization experiences that homeschooled children experience. By that I mean that a good way to learn good interpersonal skills and good communication skills is to start with the family. Learning respect and how to communicate clearly is something that can and should be taught in the home and should be demonstrated to all family members. If a person can maintain family harmony and good relations with immediate family then those skills should translate over to other interpersonal relationships outside of the family--hopefully at these young ages and also later on in life.

Photo taken by ChristineMM in June 2008 at Harkness Memorial State Park in Watertown, Connecticut.

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

It is interesting about how homeschooled siblings must get along and solve problems since the misery they'd otherwise feel would be prolonged by continuous contact.

What's even more interesting is that my only homeschooler (his sister is an adult) has developed better social skills since beginning homeschooling, though I really have not developed a good explanation of why this is so. But it is true. Hmmm. I think I feel a blog coming on...

By the way, I actually linked your messy room posts to mine because your solutions were so helpful to us. Thanks.

Oh, and the picture is really nice. I want to sit under that tree!