Friday, July 11, 2008

Blogging Pause

Update: Three days of no phone and no Internet.

Wow that seemed like an eternity. I realized just how much I rely on the Internet for information and practical daily living necessities (not just blogging, not just email). This is not to mention the fact that without phone service the security alarm in our home cannot call out to the Police if necessary, or that I can't call 911 if we have an emergency. I also had to delay ordering some books, some homeschooling curriculum, and some vitamins because I had no way to place the order. The more we come to rely on the Internet the more necessary it is for the service providers to provide timely service calls and to maintain their equipment. Now would be a good time to consider providing night shifts for maintenance workers, which would jive better with many American families' work schedules (to be able to get inside their homes) AND would give more 'man hours' of available maintenance workers to fix the issues (so we don't have to wait three days for a service call).

Blogging will resume shortly.


Henry Cate said...

We lost our internet connection at home for about twenty hours. It is interesting just how integrated the internet is in our lifes now.

Welcome back.

gypsy said...

C: Flight reservations, soccer registration, theatre schedules, Flickr, research... I don't even keep phone books any more!