Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Update on Sean Paddock Case

Dana of Principled Discovery has blogged the highlights of what happened with the trial about the death of the child named Sean Paddock which was connected to the parent 'disciplining' the child and saying she used the advice in a book "To Train Up a Child" by Debi and Michael Pearl.

Dana does a great job of summarizing it so I'll refer you to read what she has to say.

Social Services recommends stricter monitoring of homeschools post at Principled Discovery

The most disturbing parts of the recommendations are that Social Services has gotten involved and is turning this around to say that all homeschoolers in their state should be more closely monitored by the government. What bothers me about this is that when a homeschooled child is abused it is a "homeschooling issue" yet since the inception of public school in America, publically schooled kids have been abused by their parents and it has not ever been seen as a "public school issue". Even with existing "mandatory reporter" status of school teachers and other staff, abuse still goes on. Abuse is abuse. This is another example of how the fact that a family homeschools puts them under more scrutiny than a public schooled child. If they care about all child abuse they should monitor every family and child in some other, more effective way.

But anyway as stated in Findings #5 they say:

The Department of Non-Public Instruction is unable to make site visits to monitor and support home schools’ compliance with state policy due to limited funding and oversight resources.

Note that even though the state was supposed to be monitoring homeschoolers they were not doing it like they were supposed to be doing it according to their own report. This is good to note as an example for those members of the public who think that all homeschoolers need more government monitoring or think that it might fix some issues like prevent child abuse. Even when a policy is in place it doesn't mean that the government is actually doing the job that other branches of the government have defined they are supposed to be doing (how disappointing that the government sometimes fails, the results are sometimes tragic). See the blog post by Dana for explanations of past physical evidence of bruising and reports that Sean Paddock was spanked as 'discipline' (what I call punishment).

Dana shares that the mother Lynn Paddock was convicted on first degree murder charges and was found guilty.

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