Monday, June 30, 2008

Older Son’s Reading Speeding Along

Since my older son (age 10.5) got his prescription eyeglasses and starting treatment for his eye tracking problem he has been reading for hours and hours each day (on his own). This is what I always wanted for my kids. When things are quiet I look around and find him quietly reading in bed, or curled up on the couch reading a book.

More and more my son is spending time reading real books not just reading comics and magazines and catalogs. Hooray!

Often when I wake up in the morning I find him already awake and still laying in bed reading a book. Hooray!

Today alone my son has read for over two hours all on his own and all for his reading pleasure. Hooray!

In the last fourteen days my son has read and really enjoyed these three books by Max Elliot Anderson: Legend of the White Wolf, Mountain Cabin Mystery and Secret of Abbott’s Cave. When he finished those I ordered “Big Rig Rustlers”, by the same author.

I confirmed through emails with the author Max Elliot Anderson that his layout of the pages in his books was intentionally done for ease of reading with children having eye tracking problems. The wider margins, the plenty of white space on the page, the size of the font (slightly larger than typical) and the wider line spacing (it looks like it is spaced at 1.5 spaces) was all intentional.

I was disappointed to see two titles by Max Elliot Anderson are not available on Amazon.

I am in need of more books whose page layout is more friendly for children with eye tracking problems. For now I guess I’ll go through the books we own and not judge them just for their reading level but also for the look of their page layout.

I blogged recently about the books by Max Elliot Anderson and his books published by Tweener Press:

North Woods Poachers Book Review by ChristineMM

Max Elliot Anderson books available today on Amazon (new books not used books selling for higher than full retail by Amazon Marketplace sellers):

Big Rig Rustlers

Mountain Cabin Mystery

Secret of Abbott’s Cave

North Woods Poachers

Other Titles by Max Elliot Anderson, appear to be out of print today:

Newspaper Caper

Terror at Wolf Lake


Max Elliot Anderson, author’s blog: Books for Boys

An article about Max Elliot Anderson’s books, although I dislike that this is about ‘low level’ reading ability books especially when the article writer never defined what level is ‘low level’. It seems to me these books are written on a fourth or fifth grade reading level. There are no Lexile scores for these books by Max Elliot Anderson.

Artilce: North Woods Poachers - A Hi Lo Reading Level Book by Max Elliot Anderson: High Interest, Low Reading Level Books Encourage Readers By Ann Logsdon

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Kim said...

I am using Phonics Pathways with my younger daughter (6 years-old). In that book, they recommend using a card under the line the kids are reading and moving their finger under each word so they don't lose their place. I wonder if those techniques would help for regular books when there are tracking problems.

max said...


My books are intended for readers 8 - 12. However, I find that younger and older children also read them. Even adults report injoying them. So I don't see them as fitting into any sort of a box.

They are disigned to be attractive to reluctant readers, and that's the reason for the larger type and all the whits space.

Max Elliot Anderson

PS. Thanks for writing about them and listing them on your blog. I do have a few copies of Newspaper Caper at the regular price is any of your blog readers are interested.

They are hard cover copies, at $10.95 each and $5 shipping and handling

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