Thursday, June 26, 2008

Decision Made, and Room Was Cleaned

Well I decided what to do, we did it, and so it is done.

Yesterday I blogged that something had to change with regard to state of affairs with my older son’s bedroom in Befuddled Over Older Son’s Bedroom Messiness.

I have decided to start my older son’s bedroom off with a clean slate. He is incapable of coming up with his own organizational systems so I had to help out. I started with a talk with my older son about his bedroom. We discussed the need to have the place not be a safety or health hazard. He disagrees with my definition of that, but did admit to tripping on a small bin of Gears! Gears! Gears! Which broke the box in the process (no bodily harm was done). He also admitted that stubbing toes or stepping on LEGOs does hurt. We discussed the purpose for the room and what should be housed there. He asked that his manga and comics be in the room. He realized he needed a better place to store his many items for his Boy Scout uniform.

I went to Wal Mart and for less than $20 got a seven drawer, plastic, connected shelving unit that fits inside of the antique armoire.

He has plenty of book shelf space available so no more containers or book shelving need be purchased.

I'll share also that I was in a very happy mood when I tackled this. I was feeling like there were a number of ways I could spend my day, some more fun than others. This did not top the list for desirable things to do. However I just forced myself to deal with it. In the end being in a happy mood that day was helpful. I didn't get angry or feel resentful while doing this project with my son. Instead I felt optimistic and happy that things were going to change.

We picked up all the unused LEGOs from the floor. We then moved the big command center thing and all the vehicles out of the room so we could clean the room. We used an air spray thing to dust off the LEGOs as they are hard to dust. We put away the toys that belong in other places in the house. We threw away random bits of paper trash, Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card wrappers and such. Dirty clothes went to the hamper and then down to be washed. Clean clothes went into their drawers.

I went over all the display shelves and reduced the stuff on display. Some was thrown out, some was put away into drawers for safe keeping. It does not all have to be displayed!

We then did a deep cleaning. Everything including top of the ceiling fan paddles and top of the armoire was dusted. I moved almost all of the furniture including the huge armoire and we vacuumed the rug and even the edges along the wall. We vacuumed the area rug, rolled it up, vacuumed the rug liner, rolled it up, and then vacuumed underneath that. All the edges of the wall to wall carpet were vacuumed with the special attachment that gets into nooks and crannies. I vacuumed the windowsills. The bed’s mattress was vacuumed and rotated/flipped. Clean bedding was put on, with summer blankets.

The area rug was placed back in place; some of the LEGOs were put back onto the floor. I wish I had some other solution for where those should be kept, but I don’t. All the books, comics, and magazines are on the shelves. The desk actually has open space on the surface.

Loving It

I will say that my older son is loving the room all cleaned up like this. He is amazed at how nice it is to walk through the room with ease. Being able to open the drawers for clothes and to open the closet doors without obstruction from clutter is wonderful, he thinks. The other three of us in the family also agree! We actually hung out in his bedroom last night together. Younger son sat on his desk chair and read a book (that is a first).

New Inspection Policy

I hate this but I feel it is necessary. The new policy is that the bedroom will be inspected before bedtime. If the new rules are broken then my son cannot watch television with us for our evening family television watching time.

New Rules for Daily Inspection

The bed is to be made.

Dirty clothes are to be inside the clothes hamper.

Clean clothes are to be folded and stored inside of closed drawers.

Boy Scout Uniform is to be kept neatly folded inside of the special drawers.

Books, comics and magazines are to be stored on the book shelves.

Trash is to be in the trash bin.

Younger Son

My younger son was born a neat freak. Completely on his own he has imposed order and tidiness in his life. He is actually more neat and tidy than I consider necessary.

To be fair my younger son will be held to these same rules and standards. He will also have to do the nightly inspection and if he fails he will not be rewarded with watching television with the family in the evening. I do not expect this to be hard for this son to handle. Recently, he actually asked that I give him a long chore list and that he receive money for doing the chores. That shows me that he is ready and willing to take on more personal responsibility for chores/work and that he wants to be rewarded for what he accomplishes.

I’ll let you know how this all pans out. I realize that this is also work and effort for me, this is not just effort for my children.

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christinethecurious said...

christinethecurious said...

Oops, I must have hit the enter key accidentally. I meant to write, we've been at it since December 5, the new baby coming pushed us along.

Not easy, but good to talk about and enforce. We do our read a louds in the orange chair these evenings together, it's usually more inviting than the living room.

-Christine in Massachusetts