Thursday, April 24, 2008

Need Help Finding a Croc Knock-Off

Help please.

My younger son loves his Crocs. They have nubs on the sole, he is fine with that.

My older son can't stand the nubs on the sole of the Crocs. He feels that they hurt his feet. That child has some clothing 'sensitivities'. Last year we found that Payless Shoes did a Croc imitation that looked nearly identical to the original Croc design but there were no nubs. He loved them. By the way technically those were women's shoes but since my son's were in the color black, they looked just like boys or mens shoes...

This year a Payless Shoe clerk told me that the 2008 imitation of the Croc is not the same design, they added a more feminine criss-cross design and they are 'for women'.


Does anyone know of a company or store making a shoe just like Crocs but without the nubs on the sole?

Before I go around to all the various stores who sell "knock-off's" I figured I'd ask some other moms. Maybe someone has seen these while out shopping or maybe you have a child with some clothing sensitivity issues too?

Thank you.