Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Feeling Overwhelmed Today

Today is a big feeling overwhelmed day. I am trying to psych myself out of this and to tell myself that this month was so insanely busy (abnormally busy) that I have every right to be feeling this way.

In this month we have done these things which made us too busy:

Husband went on business trip and we went with him, to Washington D.C., did heavy walking, an exhausting trip physically.

Husband went on another business trip so I had some days as a ‘single mom’.

I was away for two days at a homeschooling conference, out of state, learned new things, feeling mentally overwhelmed.

We did a road trip as a family going a total of about 1800 miles in exactly 74 hours.

Older son went on his first Boy Scout camping trip with the Troop, husband went along too.

Younger son had a sleepover at my brother and his family’s house.

Attended a Christening that basically took up a whole weekend day.

Kids and I had physicals, three different visits.

Spent half a day getting older son’s new glasses (I lost pair #1 on way home from Washington D.C.).

I had two visits to an allergist to investigate whether or not I do really have a bee sting allergy (two half days used with that).

First month having a son in Boy Scouts, new double load of attending Cub Scout meetings with younger son (and me volunteering with that) and also attending Boy Scout meetings too. This is taking up a lot of time! Trying to ‘learn the ropes’ with Boy Scouting, it is so different than Cub Scouting.

Kids started a new art class, new weekday morning routine for that event, disrupts the usual homeschooling lesson plans.

Bill in Connecticut Senate which ended up lessening parental rights and increasing government regulation and monitoring of homeschoolers—spending many hours trying to defeat the new language and to restore the entirely different language of the original bill. Spent energy worrying about how this may affect our future homeschooling journey.

New session began at nature class, kids (especially younger son) adjusting to new group dynamic, and getting used to new carpool routine.

Attended a few ‘one time’ outside classes and events.

As I write this the following need to be done:

Hang Boy Scout tent to air dry (it has been pouring rain for 48 hours and rain is predicted the rest of the day. It needs to be totally dry by tomorrow).

Laundry somehow built up, about four loads of clothes need to be done.

All linens really should be replaced.

Outbreak of algae in fish tank continues. Need to do a big water change, rock cleaning and full filter cleansing.

Entire house needs light decluttering due to stuff accumulating in between all these appointments and trips.

Entire house really needs to be cleaned.

Big jobs of garage cleaning and basement decluttering and book culling really should be done and the longer I put these off the more pressing these become.

I have not yet planned younger son’s birthday party and it is coming up in less than a month.

I just needed to vent that. Thank you for listening. Now I feel better that given all that has gone on in April I have every right to feel out of sorts and overwhelmed with all on my ‘to do’ list.

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Sheila said...

Do you remember the feeling you had in high school and college when you had huge homework hanging over your head? No matter what you did, when you were just having fun with friends, you always felt like you should be at home doing that work.

Then you graduate, and you think it's over.

Then you have kids, and you realize it's just a different kind of work.

For me it's my taxes. We're doing them on Thursday and I've been avoiding getting everything together. We're getting a refund, so it's not a big deal, but with two home businesses the paperwork is endless. And so for the last few days I haven't been able to enjoy anything fun, because I always feel guilty.

I must learn to turn off the guilt gene.

Hope you get through the next few weeks!

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