Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sorting Books & Culling Craft and Activity Books Today

Yesterday I decided to deal with a couple of boxes of various books and some stacks on the floor in the library here where I sit writing this. These are books that came into the house in dribs and drabs from PaperBackSwap or when I’d find a couple at a used book store or something. They have built up in the last six months, and I need to get them put away to where they belong.

So I sorted the books to put them where they should be.

In the process I am feeling yet again like there are too many books around here. So that led to me culling books.

I hit the craft and activity bookcase, for one thing. These are books for things that I use and some that I have not yet used. These are for things do or things that I planned to do with my children “someday”. I am going through the shelves and thinking I need to dedicate time to doing some of these great things that we still have never done. As I find titles of books that I don’t think I need any longer I’m posting them on I have a lot of titles on my PBS wish list that I am first in line for, when they are listed into the system, so I’d like to stack up some PBS credits. Some I have slotted for the used book shop. I just listed one for resale on Amazon Marketplace.

I still have enough books on hand to do a zillion things for my children to do in lieu of watching TV or playing video games.

Here are the topics on my craft shelf. (I have not listed these into my LibraryThing account.)

Papercrafting for children
Collage for children, including an Eric Carle kit
Making fancy paper snowflakes
Making fancy paper chains
Paper Mache
Using recycled items to make into various things (sculptures etc.)
Using cardboard boxes to make stuff with
Waldorf craft books
Beginner sewing for kids
Sewing clothing (kids sewing their own)
Beginner knitting
Origami books and kits
General art and craft books for children, books with lots of activities in them
Nature crafts
Using natural materials for dyes
Nature printing (using natural items to make inked impressions with)
Card game rules
Traditional children’s game rules (outdoor play)
Cooperative games for children and adults
How to play chess (for kids)
How to play marbles
Family game book (1000 games)
How to play dominoes
Koosh book
Yo-yo book
Foxtail book
Magic Trick instruction books and a kit
How to make kaleidoscopes
Finger Plays
How to make your own books (for kids)
Making pop-up’s
Photography for kids
Salt dough recipes and crafts
Polymer clay making books
Crafts related to holidays
Run your own family summer camp book
Wire sculpture kit and book
Model ship building
Paper airplane book
Making sandcastles
Making snow sculptures
Making fancy jack o lanterns
History of holidays and crafts and projects to do
Simple carpentry for children, woodworking
Whittling and Wood Carving
Kids books on fort building
Gardening with Children
Cooking with children
Making costumes for children
Knot tying
String games
Making lanyards
The value of children playing (theory)
Books on the value of parents playing with children
Family traditions, the value of

Other Book Culling and Straightening Done

I also went over my bookshelves that contained reference books for teaching English. I reviewed the reference books for science and history. No culling was done in those two areas. I then looked over the small number of travel books we own and got rid of two of them.

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