Wednesday, March 19, 2008

PaperBackSwap Nears Two Million Books!

PaperBackSwap's inventory of free books is close to two million!

They are running a contest for members to try to pinpoint exactly when the two millionth book is listed.

If you are a member and want to play, go read the details of how to enter your guess!

I have been swapping books on PBS for almost two years!

If you want more information about PaperBackSwap, click on this link. After you list nine books you get one free credit, so you can immediately order a book and test out the system.

PaperBackSwap is not just for paperback books. You can swap hardcover books too. Books are swapped one credit for one book. Audiobooks cost two credits.

There is no membership fee to join PaperBackSwap.

When someone wants your book, you mail it to them and you pay the postage. When you want a book from someone else, it comes to you 'free of charge'.

There is a discussion board there with a homescholer's area. We promote the books we list and we discuss homeschooling issues there also. People do give away homeschooling curriculum on the site as well.

Check it out! If you join after clicking through my link (below or in my sidebar) after list a certain number of books they will give me one credit as a referral thank you. If you do that I thank you in advance.


BookJunkie said...

PaperbackSwap uses a confusing point system. Instead, I use, where I can trade my books for other books, CDs, DVDs, and video games for my kids. I love it, and they love it! You type in the ISBN/UPC code, and instantly shows you the thousands of items you can get in return. Check it out!

christinemm said...

I don't think the system at PaperBackSwap is confusing at all.

PaperBackSwap, one book gives one credit.

An audiobook is two credits to get or swap out.

Not hard.

Seems the plus of SwapTree is that in one site you can do DVD and CD music.

I love the PBS mailing system which has evolved and improved over time. I choose to use their endica postage and print off the label with postage on it right on my computer printer. I then put the book in my mailbox for the mail carrier to pick up. Also I pay for delivery confirmation. This means I get my credit as soon as I mark the book was mailed on the PBS site. I do not have to wait for the recipient to get the book then mark the system as received. That to me is worth the small price I pay for it.