Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ahermitt, Homeschooling Mom Video Blogging on YouTube

While on YouTube I stumbled upon videos from a homeschooling mother whose YouTube user name is ahermitt. She answers questions about homeschooling as well as ranting. She lives in the Atlanta area and is originally from Yonkers, New York. She homeschools her two children, now aged 10 and 12 and plans to homeschool until her children begin college.

Sometimes I’m in the mood to hear some ranting and her video rants crack me up. They are different than reading rants on blogs. Actually talking on video like that is called by some people “video blogging” or “v-logging”.

This opinionated homeschooling mother can be so funny!

This video (below) is called:
Homeschooling with an Attitude: Stupid Things People Ask Homeschoolers

What started out as a fun little thing to do took a turn. Ahermitt’s little world got bigger when her phone rang and it was the CBS News with Katie Couric calling to ask her opinion on the recent California homeschooling court ruling, where a judge said homeschooling was illegal and ordered children in one family to begin going to public school. Can you imagine? With blogging I know sometimes it seems like no one is reading the blog or maybe no one cares what the content of the blog is. I guess ahermitt was feeling that way, not really knowing how many people were watching her videos, until CBS phoned. What a wake up call that is that you never know who is reading blogs and watching video blogs.

Ahermitt has more video blogs on YouTube which are not as full of attitude but as full of wisdom, common sense and good information.

Ahermitt can also be found on the web at:

ahermitt's home page on YouTube (to easily find her other videos)

From the right sidebar of you can click through to her blogs and other content of hers on the web.

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