Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Positive Article From Hartford Courant on Parental Rights Hearing on 2/19/08

Here is a positive article about the public hearing in Hartford on 2/19/08 about Senate Bill 162 “An Act Concerning the Withdrawal of Children from Enrollment in a Public School”.

Article Title: Home-School Support: Parents Advocate Bill On Leaving Public School
By COLIN POITRAS, Courant Staff Writer
Published on: 2/20/08
Published in: The Hartford Courant (newspaper)

This article features an intereview with homeschooling mother Anita Formicella of Redding, Connecticut about problems she had when she attempted to withdraw her son from public school. Formichella noted in her testimony that prior to this she was an active member of the PTA, raised funds for a big school project, volunteered in the classroom and was known by the school staff and had what would be described as an excellent working relationship with the school. Despite that she was turned in by the school staff for ‘educational neglect’ upon disenrolling her child from public school in order to begin homeschooling him.

I have no complaints about this article. It is a good one!

Unfortunately the comments left by readers about this article contain some of the same old ridiculous opinions from people completely ignorant about homeschooling. One commenter labeled all homeschooling parents as being part of the ‘lunatic fringe’. To the contrary some of us are quite normal and are contributing members to our society.

For more of my thoughts and links about this general topic of DCF harassment of homeschooling families and attempts to remedy the situation, click on the label below “Connecticut DCF Investigating Homeschoolers Issues".

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