Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nanny Cam News Story

This was stressful to watch. A mother installed a Nanny Cam to check on the Nanny she hired to take care of her twins which were born prematurely. I would be beside myself if this happened to my children. The story says this Nanny had six glowing recommendations.

Nanny Busted by Nanny Cam report by News4
report date: 2/24/08


Michelle said...

Wow, that was really hard to watch! Thank goodness that Mama installed a camera! Thi si just another case that reaffirms to me that you can't trust just anyone to care for your littles.

michele said...

Oh MY! My stomach was in knots just watching that. It confirms that my choice to stay home with my children is the best. There are very few people that I'm happy to have watching my children.

maneesh said...

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