Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Big Picture Anyone?

I am so frustrated with the fact that it seems most people cannot see the big picture.

I see evidence of this all over the place.

The latest is an article in a local newspaper which I just read. I will analyze that in my next blog post.

I swear if I do nothing else I will teach my children to ‘see the big picture’. Failure to see the big picture to me is evidence of a non-thinking person. We are going to be in big trouble if the children of today grow up unable to see the big picture. Someday my life will be greatly ruled by those younger than me. If the country is run by non-thinkers and stupid people we will be in very big trouble people.

At the last job I worked, two directors kept telling me I was an asset to the company because I could see the big picture. I didn’t get it. I thought everyone thought the same way as me. When discussing a new policy in a meeting, my mind would go, “Ding, ding, inconsistency here, doing that is illegal, can’t do that” and I’d raise my hand in a meeting and bring it up. The others would be sitting there with stupefied looks on their faces. No one put two and two together. Stuff like that went on all the time (usually not about breaking laws though, it was usually about job process).

What was happening often was that each department at the HMO was working like their own little world and not always working in tangent with the other departments. When making department policy and job process they didn’t all take into consideration what the policy of the company or the state law was. This meant that the service provided to the customer was not being fulfilled correctly.

Quick example: sales department tells an employer the plan covers X when they were trying to sell them the plan, when in reality it did not. Later when the claim is denied the member is angry, who complains to the employer who gets angry and the calls the sales department to complain. Another example: medical department denies service beforehand, for a non-covered service (i.e. plastic surgery nose job) and the doctor and patient are mad. Then the claim is submitted and it is paid (by mistake). Then the HMO loses money because claims is paying out on stuff it should not be. Then the employer and member/patient are confused on what is really covered. Are nose jobs covered or not? Ditto for when medical department approved a service and told everyone, the patient/member had the procedure done and then claims denied it. Then we’d get an angry call asking why it was not paid and the medical department would say “we told claims to pay it”. On and on and on.

I am also disturbed by the number of people who have the evidence of a failure to see the big picture in front of them and they don’t even realize it. Such as reading a newspaper article full of holes and not even realizing it. That is scary.

People need to think.

Think people. We all need to think.


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Sunniemom said...

Ditto that. One thing I ask my kids constantly is to follow a thought to its logical conclusion. Often what Seems Like A Good Idea At The Time backfires because not enough forethought was engaged. We all excel in hindsight, but a little preventative critical thinking would save us from all kinds of mischief.