Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why Sudoku is a Good Thing (For People of All Ages)

Our family plays with this electronic version of Sudoku called the “Illuminated Mega Sudoku” which I actually bought for my husband to play.

I’m looking for a paper version which is super-easy as my seven year old keeps trying to play but our electronic Sudoku is not easy enough. I am sure when he gets the hang of the very easy version he will be able to use the electronic one without relying on the electronic prompts that tell if you have made an error.

Here are some articles about the benefits of playing Sudoku (for children and adults both).

Surprising Benefits Of Becoming A Sudoku Addict

Sudoku – The Hottest Puzzle Craze Since Rubik’s Cube

Why Sudoku Can Be Good For You

Sudoku Mental Skills - Why Sudoku Is Good For Your Kids

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Cellista said...

We love sudoku here too. Try for easier sudoku puzzles for kids. There are lots of 6x6 puzzles in the archives. My 7yo likes these.


Homeschool Help Web said...

Here's a good site for kids:

I used the instructions there to figure out the sudoku thing myself, LOL! Then I've used it to print simple ones to teach my daughter. She can do the full ones now if they're not too hard.

Crimson Wife said...

Check your local bookstore for kids' sudoku books. My 5 yr old likes doing 4x4 puzzles.

carolina said...

You should visit if you are looking for sudoku puzzles for kids. My students like to play the 16x16 version. Last time, it took me 4 hours on the train to complete just one !

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