Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sonlight Cover Photo Contest

Sonlight Curriculum is taking votes for a cover photograph for their homeschool curriculum catalog.

They have narrowed it down to three choices.

Go on over and take a look and vote!

My opinions:

Photo 1: Love this teen boy with his baby sibling doing paperwork. However this shows independent learning and to me Sonlight is about book reading and family read-aloud's. So I didn't vote for this one.

Photo 2: Okay this is an uber homeschooling family. It took me a second to go beyond the dad reading aloud from the book "Squanto" then I noticed they looked to be sitting inside a teepee and then I noticed the Native American Indian clothes on the girls. I voted for this even though everyone looked so serious not smiling or relaxed.

Photo 3: Very cute snuggly photo of the boy reading alone with toddler sister napping. I can't stand pacifiers.

Maybe next year I'll submit a photo. I have some good ones of my older son reading aloud to my younger son (both awake and alert).

This was a fun thing to do.


MamaK said...

I immediately liked pic #1. Pic 2 was too intense, and they did not look happy. #3 was cute, but it was #1 who had my heart and my vote!

christinemm said...

Mamak you are right, intense is the right word for photo #2.

At the time I voted #1 was winning.

I really like the gentle nature of #1, softer and more I don't know what.

Well my vote was cast. We'll see what happens.

me :) said...

I voted #1. I liked #2, but everyone was in costume and that's totally not something that Sonlight would encourage. They are about the books - and even their website states "you won't find us encouraging you to engage in time-consuming activities like making raccoon-skin caps, creating playground-sized maps of the world, or cooking Pilgrim-era Thanksgiving meals." I liked 3, but I really found picture #1 most compelling. It was fun to see, and honestly, is making me think about switching back to SL!

christinemm said...

Yeah, now that I think of it #2 reminds me more of KONOS!!

Costumes for the unit studies = KONOS.