Monday, January 14, 2008

The NIV Adventure Bible: Book Review by ChristineMM

I've been on the lookout for good Bibles (NIV) for my boys. I wanted something with not very tiny font. I wanted something that was lightweight and portable, paperback if possible. I was also considering buying a Bible cover so it would not get wrecked, torn or dog-eared from carrying it to and from church and Sunday School and Youth Group.

My friend recommended this one to me and I did buy it this week. It is "The NIV Adventure Bible". Our church uses the NIV Bible and that is why I'm looking for an NIV version. This one has a soft cover which is partially blue suede and partially a silky fabric. It has a toggle closure and a bungee cord so it is its own built in book cover and Bible protector all-in-one. (The ISBN is 9780310711704.) Full retail is listed as $34.99 but today Amazon sells it for just over $23 which is 34% off the retail price.

There are some additional pages with notes and lists and some sidebar information that is helpful when learning about the Bible.

My friend said she found hers at and she paid an extra $5 to have their names embossed on the front cover. I went for the cheaper base price on and we went without the embossing (not available on Amazon). And to be honest I did start looking around on the CBD site and started getting tempted to buy more and more so just ended up flipping over to Amazon and ordering the two Bibles and finalizing the Amazon order and getting the whole thing over with quickly before I spent more than I had intended!

The publisher (Zonderkids) says this Bible is for kids aged 8-12.

My boys are thrilled with their new Bibles and were proud to take them to church yesterday. They were happy to have the same Bibles as two of their friends.

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3 comments: said...

They have such cool bibles nowdays. I saw one that was made of metal the other day- great for those in the military!

NsMom said...

Yes, they have so many choices! I'm using this one with my daughter New International Version Bible

Jeri said...

Hi, I was looking for reviews on the NIV adventure bibles and google brought your blog up. Your profile says you just moved to TX in 2011. We live here, just outside Austin since forever and also have a 14yo son as well as 5 others. Just wanted to say hi and welcome. :o)