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Homeschool Open House Week in Review: Week 16

Homeschool Open House Week in Review
Week 16: December 16-22, 2007

Older son is aged 10 and in 5th grade.
Younger son is aged 7 and in 2nd grade.

The week started off with a bang with a big snow storm that kept us snowed in for the day. That caused my children to not be able to perform with their children’s choir at our church’s worship services.

Most of the week was spent doing Chrsitmas prep with our children. We baked cookies, and all that jazz, with the kids helping. We made the annual gingerbread creations. We had a Cub Scout Christmas party. We had a Christmas party at my older son’s youth group one night. We went to a Christmas party at a homeschool family’s house.

On another day my sons attended a homeschool boy’s birthday party while I did some Christmas gift shopping on behalf of my mother-in-law.

We also did our annual visit to the Trolley Museum to visit Santa and to ride the trolleys. We went with my brother and one of my nephew’s and with my father.

In this week both of my kids kicked their head colds. I then got a new head cold which sapped me of energy in this busy time.

My Children's Self-Initiated Stuff

Here are some of the things my children do in their spare time regarding play and reading which is self-initiated.

Older Son, alone:

Reading back issues of Shonen Jump manga

Younger Son, alone:

Reading Yu-Gi-Oh! manga

Both children alone or together:

Played Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game with each other
Fooz ball (tabletop soccer game), with each other, with friends or with my husband (a lot)
Playing with LEGOs A LOT (making spaceships, working on the command center, a project that is taking over a year)
Playing with wooden unit blocks

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