Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Had a Media Mail Inspection

Well in yesterday’s mail (January 29) was a book that had been sent by media mail on December 7th. The package was stamped with “media mail subject to inspection” as some of the media mail packages get stamped by the USPS. It was in a simple bubble wrap mailer that looked like it was new at the time it was sent to me. It contained a book with a cover letter from the sender.

It arrived to me with the package neatly cut open with scissors and then it was all sealed up inside a clear plastic packaging. There was no note from the USPS saying this was inspected but that must have been what it was! Oh, and the package was very dirty and blackened.

I am surprised that the inspection and the mailing took seven and a half weeks!

Well now it is confirmed that the USPS does definitely inspect some of the media mail packages!

If you were wondering what it was, it is a book being sent to me by the author for a review. The title is Sentinel City of Destiny by Landel Bilbrey and it is for readers aged eight and older. It is an allegorical tale. I have not read it yet so I can’t say much about it but there are a total of four customer reviews, all are 5 star, on and you can read what they think of it by clicking the below link.

Here is a summary from the publisher.

Today, as never before, a young boy's life is bombarded by subtle and not so subtle messages of how the world defines the "successful" man. The purpose of Sentinel, City of Destiny is to share with boys, during their formative pre-teen years, some fundamental character traits that define the "Godly" man. The allegorical story is about twin brothers, Jerol and Jarad, their quest through the land of Callow (Childhood) and their search for the city of Sentinel (representing true Manhood).

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michele said...

why do they inspect some media mail? Is it to ensure it's actually media? I find it interesting that some of the books I get through Paperback Swap come in less than a week and other take a few weeks even though they're all being sent media mail. I think much of it has to do with distance from a major metro area.

Merina MacLeod said...

I'm wondering what happened to my media mail! The sender of the books contacted me, said they received their package back empty, beat up and dirty, but sealed and there was a stamp on there that said "media mail subject to inspection", then a sticker that said "return to sender unable to forward", then another sticker that said "Received without contents."
Now we are both without 3 books, and no answer or explanation as to what happened to them.

Merina MacLeod said...

I wonder what happened to my media mail!
The sender of the books contacted me and said they received their package back- empty, beat up and dirty but still sealed and it had a stamp on it that said "media mail subject to inspection" then it had a sticker on it that said "return to sender, unable to forward" then another sticker that said "received without contents." I called askusps and they don't have any information on the package with the tracking number I gave them.
Now we are both out 3 books, and have been given no answer or explanation as to what in the world happened to them. Looks like someone at the post office got a few free books.