Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fifth Graders Ski Free in Vermont (2007-2008 Season)

Last night a friend told me that she did this proram for her 5th grader and she provided me with the website. She is asking if my sons would like to ski with her son.

The title of the program is “Ski Vermont 5th Grade Passport” and it is for the 2007-2008 ski season. This allows 5th graders to have free lift tickets are many Vermont ski resorts for downhill or cross-country skiing.

Nothing in the FAQ on the site discusses homeschooling. I am sending proof of homeschooling as an ID card to an organization I belong to and using the birth certificate option to prove my son’s age. For the required ‘school photo’ which they will use on their ski pass ID card, I will snap a photo of him against a white or light blue background (a bed sheet) with my digital camera and will print it off in a passport or wallet size.

I am choosing to just fill this out and provide the required info or logical substitutes for the required information, rather than getting angry that they might have an issue with or exclude homeschoolers. I am not going to email to ask them questions as sometimes that creates more problems. I’m just going to apply and see what happens, since my older son is in 5th grade homeschooling and he fits the criteria.

See the site for info about black out dates, the $10 processing fee, the rules of how many uses at each resort and so forth.

This winter I planned to have both of my children take skiing or snowboarding ski lessons. My ten year old is also asking to try cross-country skiing, which appeals to him more than downhill skiing. My seven year old is begging to learn to snowboard. I had avoided it up to this point mainly to save money as this is an expensive sport and also out of fear of injuries. I have skied only a handful of times and have sprained my knees more than once while skiing on the icy man-made New England snow, which dulled my own interest in skiing. I do love to cross-country ski, though.

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