Sunday, January 27, 2008

Colorku: Game Review by ChristineMM

Colorku is Sudoku in color. Really. I thought the idea was so cool!

Colorku is made out of wood. The base is a wooden base laid out just like Sudoku. There are wooden balls in nine colors that you use instead of numbers.

There are 104 different games to play. Using a starter card you set up the game. Then you play and complete the grids. If you get stuck you can peek at the answer card to see where you made your error.

I have been playing this alongside my children. We work on it together as a team.

I found this game and purchased it from Timberdoodle, a homeschool supply company, who was selling it for $27.50 at the time I placed my order. I see that Amazon carries the game as well, today its price on Amazon is $26.98. I see its full retail price is $29.95.

You can read more about this game on the Colorku website.

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1 comment:

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

This looks like great fun!

Bruce is a Sudoku addict, and does the puzzle in the newspaper every day. he also has the smaller electronic version on the right in your Saturday post.

But N. does not get into either of those. But a 3-D game. That, he will love!

Thanks. I am saving my pennies!