Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Timez Attack On Sale Through 12/03/07

Today a sale began on the educational computer game for math called Timez Attack.

Go here to view and to access the promotion which ends on 12/03/07 to save $10.

Note also if you want to save $20 you can go to the site on 11/30/07 from noon to 1:00pm to save $20 for that one hour MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME.

You can read my review of this game here.

here is the home page for Timez Attack.

A good idea might be to try the free version now and if you like it for your family and you feel you can swing the $20 sale for that one hour on 11/30/07 you can buy it then. Note in my review what I say about the challenge we had with the free version which was not an issue for the paid version.

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1 comment:

Ben said...

Hello! Just wanted to point out that it's from 12 - 1 MST, not 1 to 2. Also, please try the new Beta version. It doese a wonderful job of smoothing out any glitches.

-Big Brainz