Monday, November 26, 2007

Overwhelming Recyclables (Photo of the Day)

I found this overwhelming to see. Note the bulldozer, it will give you a sense of scale, of the height of that mountain of recyclables.

At least it is being recycled instead of being burned up or added to a landfill. Still, it was overwhelming...

Photo taken by ChristineMM in early November 2007, at the Children's Garbage Museum at the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority in Stratford, Connecticut.

Our family recycles and it goes to this facility, and so some of this stuff came from our household!

Read information about visiting this facility and museum here. It is an educational facility, teaching the importance of recycling and a call to reduce waste by reusing things if possible. The museum part has games and activities for children, two movies to watch with propaganda, displays and a craft area to make things out of what people had wanted to throw in the trash. The part shown above is the working facility part of the plant which has an enclosed, heated catwalk for observers to see the recycling workers at work.

It is a common spot for field trips for schooled and homeschooled children as well as Scouts. Families may visit the center as well Admission is free. Check the website for hours of operation.

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Kim said...

Wow! What an awesome picture.

Thanks for the tip about Freecycle. I had never heard of it until you left that comment on my blog. I found a local group and joined. I am giving some girls clothes to someone who needed them and someone is giving me some toys for our baby boy.

Kim @ TheBitterBall