Friday, November 02, 2007

I'm Testing a New Amazon Widget on My Blog

I am trying out a new Amazon widget that is in Beta development, as part of my Amazon Associates affiliation. What it does is send a 'bot' to my blog and somehow it tries to match phrases in my writing up to products that Amazon sells.

You will see my text bolded as if it were a hypertext link. If you put your mouse onto that, a bubble pops up showing you a product.

So far I have noticed that when I use the title of a book it doesn't pick that up and link to that book, and I find that odd.

And other times what it does show is strange. In an old blog post I used the phrase "homeschool supply catalogs" what came up was a school teacher's book to help children read. Hmm.

So anyhow bare with me while I test this out. So far I am not very impressed.

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